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Today New City Initiative is comprised of 43 leading independent asset management firms from the UK and the Continent, managing approximately £500 billion and employing several thousand people.

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1 Aug 2020
FTfm: What does the post-Brexit future hold for City of London fund managers?
29 Jun 2020
International Investment: 'New City Initiative' urges UK fund structure to rival UCITS and AIFMD
29 Jun 2020
Investment Week: New City Initiative urges UK fund structure to rival UCITS and AIFMD
29 Jun 2020
Alpha Week: New City Initiative Calls For New UK Funds Regime To Rival UCITS, AIF's
29 Jun 2020
Institutional Asset Manager: Calls grow for ‘new generation’ UK funds regime to boost industry post Brexit and encourage regional economic growth
29 Jun 2020
Yorkshire Times: NCI Calls For New UK Funds Regime To Encourage Regional Job Growth
28 Jan 2020
Citywire Selector: Boutique body seeks UK fund format to storm Asian market
28 Jan 2020
Institutional Asset Manager: NCI calls for new UK fund structure to bolster industry’s position in Asia-Pacific
28 Jan 2020
Funds Global Asia: Thinktank calls for UK funds structure to compete with Ucits and AIFs
27 Jan 2020
Investment Week: NCI seeks to bolster UK's reputation in Asia Pacific with proposal for new fund structure
9 Dec 2019
FTfm: Movers and shakers, December 9
3 Dec 2019
City AM: City Moves for 3 December - Who's switching jobs at JP Morgan, New City Initiative and Ergomed?
3 Dec 2019
Ignites Europe: NCI appoints chairman
3 Dec 2019
Wealth Adviser: New City Initiative appoints new chairman
2 Dec 2019
Investment Week: s New City Initiative appoints new chairman
2 Dec 2019
CityWire Selector: Boutique association names new chairman
23 Oct 2019
Citywire Asia: Asset management think tank launches in Singapore
22 Oct 2019
Fund Selector Asia: Boutique firm lobby group opens in Singapore
22 Oct 2019
Finews: Asset Management Think Tank Opens in Singapore
22 Oct 2019
Singapore Business Review: Boutique asset management NCI opens Singapore branch
21 Oct 2019
International Advisor: Singapore asset management industry bolstered by think tank
20 Aug 2019
IFLR: Regulation Drives Asset Management Consolidation
6 Aug 2019
Wealth Briefing: Red Tape Squeezes Investors' Choices, Creates New Risks, Think Tank Warns
6 Aug 2019
FT Advisor: What future do boutique fund managers have?
31 Jul 2019
portfolio Adviser: DFMs rethink giants for core allocations as boutiques shine
30 Jul 2019
Investment Week: Is regulation stifling competition in the industry?
24 Jul 2019
Citywire Selector: M&A drive to create mega-firms will hurt industry, report claims
24 Jul 2019
IR Magazine: Proportionate regulation needed to address European asset management consolidation
23 Jul 2019
Investment Week: NCI: Asset management M&A is reducing competitiveness and stunting boutiques
22 Jul 2019
Investment Europe: AM M&A hurting competition and investor choice - NCI paper
22 Jul 2019
Institutional Investor: Is M&A Killing Boutique Asset Managers?
12 Jun 2019
Expert Advisor: Woodford and Gam blow-ups spark calls for reform
11 Jun 2019
portfolio Adviser: Woodford and Gam woes highlight ‘stranglehold’ of daily dealing funds
10 Jun 2019
Investment Week: Brexit Blog: NCI demands Treasury represents boutique asset managers Brexit countdown
18 Feb 2019
FTfm: Big asset managers cut research costs at higher rate
30 Jan 2019
Fundeye: Amount of boutiques incorporating ESG in to their portfolios has almost doubled in five years
29 Jan 2019
Investment Week: NCI: Over 90% of boutiques incorporate ESG in portfolios
29 Jan 2019
CityWire: Number of fund boutiques adopting ESG doubles in five years
26 Jun 2018
Investment Week: NCI: Liquidity regulation leading to 'sub-optimal outcomes' for fund investors
30 May 2018
Ignites Europe: UK fund boutiques seek place on Brexit taskforce
30 May 2018
Citywire: Small asset managers lobby for recognition and support
30 May 2018
Investment Week: NCI calls on government to extend SME advantages to boutique asset managers
13 Dec 2017
Investment Week: How much does manager alignment of interest add to fund returns?
11 Dec 2017
FTfm: European financial regulators move to mitigate Brexit threat
15 Oct 2017
Investment Week: Update: FCA launches asset management start-up hub
27 Sep 2017
Investment Week: FCA to launch asset management start-up hub next month
21 Aug 2017
Ignites Europe: Brexit: UK industry pushes for discussions with non-EU countries
15 Aug 2017
Investment Week:IW Podcast: Should we fear or welcome the fund supergroup?
22 May 2017
Ignites Europe: UK set to ignore calls for Mifid II flexibility
24 Apr 2017
Citywire: Should Mifid II be reviewed post-Brexit?
17 Apr 2017
Dominic Johnson, chief executive of boutique asset manager Somerset, expects sector to thrive after Brexit
9 Apr 2017
Citywire: Goodbye NCI: Johnson’s parting advice
8 Apr 2017
FTfm: Boutiques are set to thrive, so long as they generate alpha
8 Apr 2017
FTfm: Banks charge asset managers $75,000 a year for research
4 Apr 2017
Fund Strategy:NCI: ‘MiFID II will put UK asset managers at a disadvantage’
4 Apr 2017
Citywire: NCI calls for post-Brexit review of Mifid rules
4 Apr 2017
Investment Week: NCI: Why MiFID II issues for the UK need reviewing in light of Brexit
4 Apr 2017
Ignites Europe: UK think-tank calls for changes to Mifid II
2 Apr 2017
City AM: Somerset Capital chief executive Dominic Johnson stands down as chairman of New City Initiative, with Oldfield Partners boss Jamie Carter taking up the reins
2 Apr 2017
Investment Week: NCI chair Johnson hands over to deputy Carter
2 Apr 2017
FT: Movers & shakers: April 3
2 Apr 2017
Citywire: Dominic Johnson steps down as NCI chairman
20 Feb 2017
City AM: The New City Initiative calls for a dual funds regime to help asset managers deal with Brexit
20 Feb 2017
Citywire: Think-tank proposes dual funds regime for post-Brexit UK
20 Feb 2017
Investment Week: NCI calls for dual funds regime as post-Brexit solution
20 Feb 2017
Fund Strategy: Think Tank NCI calls for dual funds regime post Brexit
20 Feb 2017
International Investment: Dual funds regime mooted as City saviour and post-Brexit cross border solution
20 Feb 2017
Reuters: Asset manager Vanguard calls for health warnings on fees
20 Feb 2017
FT Adviser: Fund groups snub FCA’s all-in fee proposal
20 Feb 2017
Investment Week: Industry warns FCA of 'unintended' risks of all-in fee proposals in responses to Market Study
19 Feb 2017
FTfm: Asset managers push back on radical reform of the industry
30 Jan 2017
FTfm: Active managers accuse FCA of using flawed data
15 Nov 2016
Investment Week: NCI calls on FCA to launch asset manager start-up hub
15 Sep 2016
Investment Week: New City Initiative's Carter on why small firms need a voice in Brexit negotiations
27 Jul 2016
Global Custodian: Irish regulator highlights challenges to implement CMU
2 Jun 2016
Investment Week: European Commission launches cross-border fund distribution review
24 Apr 2016
Investment Week: Somerset Capital's Johnson: Why we are focused on keeping the partnership alive
17 Apr 2016
Morning Star: What Would Brexit Mean for the City of London?
4 Mar 2016
Repubblica: G.B., la City scopre la paura della Brexit
15 Feb 2016
The Hill: Democratic hopefuls embrace a contradictory vision
9 Feb 2016
thetradenews: Plugging the £750 million research hole
26 Jan 2016
CityWire: Wealth boutique think tank offers advice to new FCA boss
26 Jan 2016
Professional adviser: What do we know about the man taking the helm of the FCA?
26 Jan 2016
Investment Week: What do we know about the new FCA chief?
20 Jan 2016
FT Adviser: Johnson warns small firms over Mifid complacency
7 Jan 2016
Financial News: Brexit spells higher costs and less influence for fund managers
16 Dec 2015
The Trade: FX mispricing costing buy-side billions each year - report
15 Dec 2015
Citywire: European Commission backtracks on Mifid II unbundling requirements
15 Dec 2015
LeapRate: New City Initiative paper: Mispricing of FX transactions costs European fund industry at least €1.5 billion a year
15 Dec 2015
The Trade: Leaked EU docs suggest MiFID II will allow CSAs
15 Dec 2015
FundServices - FX mispricing costs fund management industry dear
15 Dec 2015
ISS-mag: Mispricing Costs Industry Hard Cash
23 Nov 2015
Financial News: Buyside needs open borders
23 Nov 2015
The Trade: FCA urged to break down barriers for smaller firms
22 Nov 2015
FTfm: ‘Perverse’ investment consulting industry condemned
1 Nov 2015
FTfm: Fund houses face ‘collateral damage’ in tax reform
11 Oct 2015
FT Adviser: Compliance concerns ramp up for fund groups
11 Oct 2015
Wealth Adviser: The NCI declares increased regulation risks stifling innovation in fund management
11 Oct 2015
Investment Week: Thinktank warns regulatory burden stifling fund management innovation
11 Oct 2015
Citywire: New City Initiative warns regulation is destroying competition
11 Oct 2015
Fundweb: Think-tank calls for rethink amid wave of 'detrimental' regulation
11 Oct 2015
EU Bankers: New City Initiative warns regulation is destroying competition
11 Oct 2015
Global Custodian: NCI urges reforms on fund manager regulation
10 Oct 2015
FTfm: Regulatory cost stifles fund boutiques
26 Sep 2015
The Telegraph: I've fallen out of love with Europe until the trading rules are changed
17 Sep 2015
FT: Acquisition drive cuts number of investment boutiques
7 Aug 2015
FTfm: Bring common sense back to make Europe’s capitalism flourish
26 Jul 2015
FT Adviser: Managers ramp up operating costs
22 Jul 2015
IPE: Brussels urged to tackle 'deliberate' asset management protectionism
21 Jul 2015
COO Connect: Asset management in Europe: The case for reform
20 Jul 2015
Citywire: Six regulatory pleas to save the investment boutique
19 Jul 2015
Reuters: EU regulations cost UK asset managers two billion pounds a year - report
19 Jul 2015
Investment Week: Thinktank calls for EU asset manager regulation shake-up
19 Jul 2015
Citywire: UK fund managers face £2bn bill for EU regulation
19 Jul 2015
City AM: Single market for fund firms under threat
19 Jul 2015
Fundweb: Think tanks call for EU regulation reform as costs top £2bn
19 Jul 2015
Citywire: NCI warns Mifid II could force out boutique asset managers
19 Jul 2015
Sharecast: EU regulators cost UK asset managers £2bn
19 Jul 2015
Wealth Adviser: Report recommends safeguards for European funds industry
19 Jul 2015
ISS: Asset managers call for fund distribution reforms
19 Jul 2015
Law360: Groups Say EU Regs Cost UK Asset Managers $3.1B Annually
5 Jul 2015
Investment Week: Boutiques face existential threat as time runs out on MiFID II
2 Jul 2015
PropertyWeek: Our industry should be a beacon of best practice
4 Jun 2015
Agefiactifis: Le think tank NCI donne son avis sur l'Union des marchés de capitaux
30 May 2015
Financial Times: Some fund houses ‘manipulate’ benchmarks
28 May 2015
Fundweb: Will EU reforms mean less regulation for asset managers?
6 May 2015
Investment Week: Wish list: What the investment industry wants from the new government
4 May 2015
Citywire: NCI chair: how next gov’t should tackle asset management challenge
16 Jan 2015
Citywire: Are regulatory costs stifling start-ups?
12 Jan 2015
Financial News: Regulators risk putting the brake on innovation
23 Dec 2014
Think-tanks propose EU opt-out for London-based fund managers
15 Dec 2014
Professional Adviser: Wealth managers rail against ‘crippling’ suitability requirements
15 Dec 2014
Investment Week: Wealth managers hit out over ‘crippling’ suitability requirements
12 Dec 2014
Investment Week: How will FCA restructure impact boutiques?
10 Dec 2014
Citywire: Woodford’s battle to become regulation proof
8 Dec 2014
Citywire: Death of wealth boutique: Think-tank warns on 'suffocating' regulation
8 Dec 2014
FTfm: ‘Compliance has become the “priesthood” of financial services’
8 Dec 2014
Citywire: We don't need more regulation: wealth boutiques' struggle in 5 charts
8 Dec 2014
Fundweb: NCI: Crippling regulation costs are holding back new boutique launches
17 Nov 2014
CNBC: Dominic Johnson discusses his concerns about the forex scandal
27 Oct 2014
Wealth managers fear being caught by banker bonus rules
27 Oct 2014
MiFID II research costs will disproportionately impact smaller managers
21 Sep 2014
FT Adviser: New City Initiative calls for dealing commission rethink
20 Sep 2014
FTfm: Scottish vote awakens Brexit fears for fund chiefs
18 Sep 2014
IPE: European Commission's Lueder sets out strategy for asset management
17 Sep 2014
Global Investor: Change in outlook signalled at EC
6 Jul 2014
Evening Standard - New City Initiative launches internships
3 Jul 2014
FT - We don’t have to reinvent the wheel
6 Apr 2014
Rise of the super boutique: how will this new breed of firm fare?
13 Mar 2014
House of Lords recommends delay to LLP tax crackdown
11 Mar 2014
City Wire: NCI: KIIDs are 'waste of time', let's create a code of practice
10 Mar 2014
City Wire - Profile: Magnus Spence - there are conflicts of interest everywhere you look
16 Feb 2014
FTfm: UK tax law sounds death knell for investment partnerships
14 Feb 2014
CityWire: New City Initiative calls for funds TER to include dealing commissions
11 Feb 2014
CityWire - Will new tax rules spark trend for wealth LLPs to incorporate?
3 Feb 2014
City AM - Partnership tax threat could send fund managers abroad
3 Feb 2014
Law Society Gazette - Society warning on LLP tax reform
3 Feb 2014
Citywire - Partnership tax crackdown could spark wealth firm exodus
3 Feb 2014
Investment Week - Will new LLP tax rules sound death knell for small investment managers?
2 Feb 2014
The Sunday Times - Investment managers in exodus threat
29 Jan 2014
Accountancy Age: Firms 'helpless' as new LLP tax guidance looms
29 Jan 2014
Law Society Gazette: LLP tax changes ‘will put City at risk’
28 Jan 2014
Financial News: Westminster in ‘anti-tax avoidance arms race’, says Redwood
19 Nov 2013
Les Echos: Les gérants entrepreneurs francais gagnent en visibilité et en reconnaissance
15 Sep 2013
FTfm: Fund managers must ‘eat their own cooking’
8 Sep 2013
IFA Online: MPs to conduct spring review into RDR
4 Sep 2013
FT Adviser: Garnier - No RDR review agreed, but we’d still like to do it
1 Sep 2013
Financial News: The Odey way is exits
31 Aug 2013
Guardian: Former Iceland man unveils plans to defrost UK retail
27 Aug 2013
Today programme: Magnus Spence discusses better alignment in the financial services industry
27 Aug 2013
Financial News - Can another code of conduct improve buyside standards online
27 Aug 2013
The Times - Brace yourselves for a seasonal fall online
25 Aug 2013
CNBC News: Daniel Pinto - Key decision makers must invest alongside clients
6 Jul 2013
The Independent: Fund manager group in fresh fight with EU
3 Jul 2013
CityWire: 'Sledgehammer' fund manager pay cap ditched by Brussels
16 Jun 2013
Financial Times: The fund industry needs a cultural revolution - Dominic Johnson
12 May 2013
Financial Times: Dominic Johnson: Fund industry needs more carrots than sticks
14 Apr 2013
Le Monde : Le "square mile" ne tourne pas rond
28 Nov 2012
Evening Standard Make apprenticeships work
8 Nov 2012
Citywire: John Kay: FSA’s legalistic approach is not working
3 Nov 2012
The Times: Fund charges: necessary evil?
7 Jun 2012
The Independent: Daniel Pinto: If it's your money at stake, you don't gamble
2 May 2012
L’Agefi Hebdo: La finance a un visage à Paris
20 Nov 2011
Daily Telegraph: Avalanche of new FSA rules to cost businesses £1.4bn a year
1 Nov 2011
NCI awarded inaugural “City Champion Award” at the Spear’s Wealth Management Awards
6 Aug 2011
The Independent: NEDs need risk reports, says think-tank
17 Jun 2011
City Wire: Wealth management heavyweights join forces to champion small firms
8 May 2011 Small business paid internship plea
2 Apr 2011
The Sunday Telegraph: We should remember what made the City great - and return to those values.
1 Apr 2011
The Saturday Telegraph: A return to an old-fashioned, client-centric culture will ensure the City’s future.
16 Dec 2010
CityWire: Odey, Pinto and Lord Iveagh back think-tank to fight bonus rules
16 Dec 2010
Spears Magazine (Winter Addition): Eat your cooking
12 Dec 2010
The Telegraph: City bonus rules to be watered down for small firms
6 Dec 2010
Financial Times: Face to face with Daniel Pinto: Defender of the entrepreneurial spirit wants to mend the system.
8 Nov 2010 UK Wealth Management Group Sets Out Need For Reform, Meets Government
22 Sep 2010
The Times: City aims for transparency
28 Aug 2010
Mail on Sunday: Fund Managers lobby Cable for rules against risk-taking
28 Aug 2010
The Sunday Telegraph: City pushes for more disclosure
28 Aug 2010
The Independent: City disclosure proposals
18 Jul 2010
The Wealth Net
14 May 2010
Financial Times: Big fightback starts to restore clients' trust
14 May 2010
Financial Times: Managers group aims to improve standards
9 May 2010
Evening Standard: The City does have a better side, honestly
6 May 2010
Mail on Sunday: Stanhope crusades to restore faith in advice