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Today New City Initiative is comprised of 43 leading independent asset management firms from the UK and the Continent, managing approximately £500 billion and employing several thousand people.

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M&A: Too Much Activity?

M&A: Too Much Activity?

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, many asset managers saw M&A with their competitors as a means to survival, principally a necessary evil by which to preserve their businesses amid the tumbling markets and as a counterweight to offset the sheer volume of client redemptions. Since then, M&A activity at asset managers has grown progressively year-on-year. According to data compiled by Sandler O’Neill, a US investment bank, there were 255 recorded deals in 2018, involving $3.71 trillion in AuM (assets under management), up from 210 and $2.88 trillion respectively in 2017.[1] This trend is not decelerating, and it is…

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