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Today New City Initiative is comprised of 43 leading independent asset management firms from the UK and the Continent, managing approximately £500 billion and employing several thousand people.

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Is the Big Data Risk to Big to Bear?

Is the Big Data Risk to Big to Bear?

Depleting returns interlaced with excessively crowded trading conditions have forced asset managers to contemplate alternative approaches towards generating better performance for clients. By systematically integrating bottom-up, in-depth data – often supplied by external technology providers or bank counterparties – and then leveraging AI to conduct deeper analysis of securities, sectors or markets is one way fund managers could suppress the post-crisis downward return spiral, and revert to profitability. Or at least that is theory.The reality is more ambiguous. Not only are genuine doubts being flagged about the actual reliability of data (i.e. its authenticity in the context of unchecked fake…

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